Stony Island District Summary of Assets

Community assets are those built, natural, cultural and institutional elements that most define a neighborhood. They are anchor institutions, identity markers and community stabilizers. As such, they help guide local capital investment decisions.

The housing stock used to house the factory workers in the early 20th Century remains the core asset of the Stony Island neighborhoods, from South Shore and Greater Grand Crossing on the north, to the factory districts of South Chicago and Burnside, to the bungalow-heavy communities of Chatham, Avalon Park and Calumet Heights.

One of the strongest assets of the Stony Island district is its long history of activism by residents, businesses, local leaders and civic groups. These community networks are particularly prominent in South Shore, Chatham and South Chicago. Social networks and block clubs have enforced high standards of care to homes, lawns and curbs, contributing to the neighborhood’s reputation, and business corridors have also been well organized. [Excerpted from Summary of Assets]