Stockyards District Plans Synthesis

Chicago has many citywide and local place-based plans with stated goals for the built environment. Some are municipal; others are nonprofit driven. They prioritize public and private capital investments, provide important context for those investments and help determine how a community should grow and where development should occur.

Planning Context: Historic disinvestment meets new opportunities in the Stockyards plans. The 2006 Archer Avenue Technical Assistance Panel (TAP): Remaking an Historic Corridor plan addresses problems caused by constructing the Stevenson Expressway, which isolated the Archer Avenue corridor and limited its pedestrian appeal.  The plan proposes transportation, retail and marketing, pedestrian safety and land use regulation strategies to recreate the corridor’s identity. As a result of the TAP, Jacolik Park (formerly known as Eleanor Park) and Quarry Park will soon be joined by a new $5.7M, 19,000 square foot boathouse and boat launch structure with floating dock, which will offer more access to the Chicago River and greater recreational opportunities. To support this investment, improved access to those parks along with improvements to areas surrounding the Ashland and Halsted El stations remain needed. Recommendations of the TAP that remain to be implemented include additional commercial and service businesses, placemaking identifiers such as murals or banners, and enhanced station signage. While some parking has been created under the Expressway, the Bubbly Creek “kiss and ride” parking project is yet to be completed and bumpouts at Archer Avenue and Loomis Street need to be installed. [Excerpted from Summary of Stockyards District Plans]