South Side District Plans Synthesis

Chicago has many citywide and local place-based plans with stated goals for the built environment. Some are municipal; others are nonprofit driven. They prioritize public and private capital investments, provide important context for those investments and help determine how a community should grow and where development should occur.

Planning Context: The five plans in the South Side area focus on economic development, employment, education, safety and urban agriculture opportunities. The first plan from 2005, Englewood: Making a Difference, is a quality of life plan that lays out a more prosperous future for Englewood’s residents through local economic development, housing choices, and health.  There have been numerous accomplishments since the release of this plan, such as creating the Greater Englewood CDC, Englewood Codes, the City’s Micro Market Recovery Program, the Community Development Sustainability Fund, the Re-entry Resource Center and the Englewood Portal, an online information network. Whole Foods has announced the opening of a new store in 2016 and planning is underway to develop a Facilities Capital Campaign to improve facilities serving youth, starting with the adaptive reuse of the Englewood Firehouse. Key projects yet to move forward include developing a Housing Resource Center to provide assistance to homeowners and renters and a “Neighbor to Neighbor” program to connect new residents to area resources, information and local businesses. [Excerpted from Summary of Southside District Plans]