Milwaukee Avenue District Summary of Assets

Community assets are those built, natural, cultural and institutional elements that most define a neighborhood. They are anchor institutions, identity markers and community stabilizers. As such, they help guide local capital investment decisions.

The Milwaukee Avenue corridor, bordered by the Kennedy Expressway on the east and by railroad tracks on the south and west, consists of distinct sub-neighborhoods whose character is defined by age, housing styles, ethnicity of past and current residents, entertainment choices, retail, and nearby industry.

Well-off individuals and families have moved into new condominiums, single-family homes, and high-rise rental buildings, sparking new construction and rehab across the sub-neighborhoods, including East Village, Ukrainian Village, Wicker Park and Bucktown. Retail districts have changed apace, most dramatically along Chicago Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, and around the six-corner intersection of North and Damen, with trendy restaurants, boutiques, salons, bakeries, and coffee shops filling vacancies and replacing former tenants. Milwaukee Avenue, where merchants once catered to thrifty shoppers, is now attracting luxury brands including Nike, Gap, Marine Layer, and Marc Jacobs.

The Milwaukee Avenue neighborhoods are fortunate to have many strong neighborhood organizations and interest groups that actively participate in public meetings, vigorously debating the merits of new projects and advocating for their own interests. It is in this social environment that the neighborhood’s future will be shaped. [Excerpted from Summary of Assets]