Lincoln Park Lakeview

A short bike ride from the Lakefront Trail, close to downtown, and filled with entertainment and shopping choices, Lincoln Park and Lakeview are among Chicago’s most in-demand neighborhoods. A destination for recent Big 10 college graduates, hangout for fans of the Chicago Cubs, and location of theater, music, and comedy venues, these adjacent lakefront neighborhoods are experiencing heavy, ongoing reinvestment in residential, commercial and public structures.

The district has one of Chicago’s consistently strongest housing markets, though today it faces fresh competition from other neighborhoods to the north, west and south. The highest housing values have traditionally been in Lincoln Park, where new mansions go for $3 million and elaborate rehabs are interspersed with new single-family, townhouse, and condominium developments. After decades of growth, available land is scarce. [Excerpted from Summary of Assets]

Lincoln Park Lakeview Assets

Community assets are those built, natural, cultural and institutional elements that most define a neighborhood. They are anchor institutions, identity markers and community stabilizers. As such, they help guide local capital investment decisions.

Lincoln Park Lakeview Data

Neighborhoods are in a constant state of change. Data for the built environment informs decision-makers about existing conditions and allows for comparisons across neighborhoods and against citywide averages, and helps to determine what investments are needed.

Lincoln Park Lakeview Plans

Chicago has many citywide and local place-based plans with stated goals for the built environment. Some are municipal; others are nonprofit driven. They prioritize public and private capital investments, provide important context for those investments and help determine how a community should grow and where development should occur.