Bronzeville South Lakefront District Plans Synthesis

Chicago has many citywide and local place-based plans with stated goals for the built environment. Some are municipal; others are nonprofit driven. They prioritize public and private capital investments, provide important context for those investments and help determine how a community should grow and where development should occur.

Planning Context: With nine plans, the Bronzeville South Lakefront area is second only to Central Area in the number of plans since 2000, beginning with the 2005 plan, Woodlawn: Rebuilding the Village. The plan recommends building on community assets, such as the University of Chicago, to bolster economic strength and vitality in addition to addressing education, safety, housing, civic engagement and recreation. Since the plan’s completion, a Center for Working Families component was added to the Woodlawn Employment Center, and residents were engaged in a planning process for Grove Parc Plaza which led to a $30M HUD Choice Neighborhoods grant. Recommendations that remain to be implemented include creating a chamber of commerce, establishing a comprehensive housing center and developing the Chicago Park District Harris Recreation Center as a cultural and recreational hub. [Excerpted from Summary of Bronzeville South Lakefront District Plans]