Citywide Plans

Citywide Plans with Stated Goals for the Built Environment

Chicago has many excellent plans that are pertinent to the built environment, but not tied explicitly to a location. Examples of such citywide plans include the Chicago Climate Action Plan (2008) and the Chicago Housing Authority’s Plan Forward (2013). While these plans give stakeholders imperative directional information on the form and function of Chicago’s built environment overall, they are less prescriptive in shaping it from the neighborhood point of view.

On this page are 16 citywide plans identified by Chicago Neighborhoods 2015 as having stated goals for the built environment. Each one was analyzed in the context of the 16 districts to determine district relevance and identify possible points of local application. The citywide plans synthesis is current as of 2015 and meant to be comprehensive, but not exhaustive. The citywide plans synthesis can be found on the Plans Synthesis page of the 16 districts.